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there doesn’t have to be a profit in everything you do

I’ve been keeping a sort of journal for the enjoyment of my grandkids..in the process i have learned new things …met new and interesting people…and found that not everything you do needs to be a money making project..certainly in this lifetime i will never reach fame and riches..so instead i found that there is so much more to gain than in what you often give…in my journal which started this past april when i went to visit my grandkids i found myself using two adorable stuffed monkeys as the main characters..Monkey Cee and Monkey Doo are what they are named..mostly because everything that grandma does they do right along with me..and so it began with a simple project turning into a full blown instructional interactive guide for the kids..i have all sorts of things in my journal right now..menus..subway maps…guides..and postcards..much of it is totally interactive..a photo of the monkeys doing whatever it is we are doing at the time..for instance ..if they go on the subway i will include a metro card along with a map of the subway system..if we go to a restaurant ..they get a photo with the menu and then the food..i include a real menu with the book and receipts along with the photos..someday the prices will be so much higher..imagine saying that $3.69  was cheap for gas..hmmmm.

everyone can use this idea..its not terribly original ..but each and everyone that chooses to use this will find that it will become very unique for themselves because each and every one of us has a different slant on things..even though its not the first time this sort of project has been done i know that mine stands alone in that whatever i have done is solely mine..sure you can copy it or you can try to do the same thing but thats ok..because even like baking a cake ..no matter how close you may follow a recipe everyones comes out a little bit different..

of course it would be a wonderful thing to make some money using my blog or creating that journal but all the red tape that would end up being involved in publishing my idea would not be worth the effort.think of all the model releases ..the copyright infringements..and whatever ungodly stupid lawsuit may come up in the process..who needs it…mostly this is for fun and entertainment for everyone to share with me..i use this journal to read to my rolling readers class that i volunteer during the school year….it not only entertains them ..it teaches them new things..places..foods …flowers…hopefully they will start their own projects..journals..discoveries..who knows maybe it can inspire them to have something to attain in their futures..

i don’t make money doing what i do ..but reap so much more in seeing the little ones blossom ..their sense of wonder encouraged .imaginations fueled.and best of all i know that my journals will ensure that my life will have meaning to my grandchildren..that they will someday see the playfulness that was in my heart..the thoughts of them constantly in my mind wherever i go and whatever i do..the joy that they give me ..some day when they are older and look through “our” journal they will learn about life in my time…know the love i had for them and always will if there is a beyond…so when you see my two little monkeys its a glimpse  of what i am leaving behind for my future generations..hopefully this blog can give you some ideas to start one of your own to share with someone you love ..

easy steps to leave behind a piece of yourself..

buy a notebook..composition book …journal

get a sharpie

buy some glue..scissors..crayons

take a brochure from everywhere you go..business cards..souveniers

take lots and lots of photos..

use a prop..something that you will enjoy..a gnome..a stuffed animal..a talisman..and stick them into all the photos

do not be afraid to use your creativity..imagination..

people enjoy getting into the mix..include strangers ..tell them about what and why you are doing the journal..

most of all have fun doing it…..

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